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sweet gentle and sensitive man

with an obsessive nature and deep fascination for numbers

19 September 1983
"it's hard not to get excited when jesse comes to town. you'll find yourself speaking in exclamations, you'll move your arms in concentric tandem, you'll be ready to parachute down from clear skies. all of this will be accompanied by some form of british pop music, and although you have never claimed to be an expert on brit music, when you are around jesse, you feel a little bit more confident. so you might nod and spout theories and run your fingers through your tangled hair like that one professor did in that one movie. and jesse, because he's a genuinely nice guy, will nod back and speak truthfully about his thoughts on pop culture, on capitalism, on the evolution of gum drops in america today. he is candid, he is serious, but he has his goofy side. the thing i love about jesse jensen is that one moment he is hugging you, squeezing your ribs into each other, whispering that he's missed you too and that he has brought you a new mix cd, and in the next moment, he is donning a new year's eve top hat (even if it is july) and unfurling his incredibly long tongue at you and bobbing his head to whatever music happens to be drifting through the air. the thing i love about jesse is that he is beautiful in motion." - kimbahlee

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